Afternoon STEM activities!

Osmo welcome



The after-school program runs from 2:10 to 6:00 pm daily.

Students are provided an afternoon snack,
time to complete homework,
clubs, learning stations and workshops.

Each week we offer students opportunities to explore or expand interests and skills in areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, math, literacy, physical fitness, foreign language and culture.

Because we have
ezk-flyerembedded them discretely in the areas of games, crafts, puzzles, cooking, drama, and computer activities, most students don’t realize they are learning these skills.
We like to call it “playing on purpose”.

We believe that by offering these
FUNomenal” opportunities
in the afterschool program, students will benefit in the following areas:
*    Increase individual achievement
*  Explore new interests
*Promote skill development
*  Experiment with new ideas
*  Encourage creative freedom
*Improve social skills through group interaction.

ASP RSP partnership

After School at Baker Elementary
is a partnership program between

CCSD Elementary Afterschool Program &
21st Century Schools Reach for the Stars.



Clubs, Learning Stations and Workshops are STEAM focused. 

So, what are YOU doing today?

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